C Magazine, December 2012
Master of Ceremonies

Designer Ken Fulk delightedly describes his salon-style soirées as “pop-up” parties. At the end of September, as Fulk was juggling various projects, he received a last-minute query to organize and deliver one within 36 hours. In addition, this prom-themed, surprise fête also required unicorns. “I received the call as I was driving,” Fulk recalls of this prospective client (whose name he’s contractually bound to withhold). “I phoned back in 20 minutes and said, ‘I’ll do it with the caveats that you can’t cancel. And, I’ll be reasonable, but you can’t ask about costs. There just isn’t time.’” When the 200 guests arrived at Fulk’s SoMa loft, there was a pony adorned with a unicorn horn, a sushi chef, photo booths, a hot dog cart and confetti canons.

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