House Beautiful, July 2006
Such style - and kids, too?

Mimi Read: This might be an oxymoron, but what a worldly sanctuary this is!
Ken Fulk: You walk in and there is an exhale that happens. Some of that comes from the way the house faces inward. It all surrounds a courtyard, so when you open the front door, light from the rear of the house draws you into the living room, the dining room, and out to the garden. You leave the world behind.
Mimi Read: But it’s the decoration as well. You’ve managed to find the serene side of chic.
Ken Fulk: I don’t work like most designers. I don’t come up with a concept and pitch the concept. I make clients go out with play dates with me. I say,”We don’t have to think about your house. I want to discover colors that move you, things you hate, chairs you find comfortable.” By becoming friends, we end up with projects that feel like they’ve captured the essence of the client.

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