San Francisco, CA

Tree House

San Francisco mid-century house among the trees

Ken Fulk’s San Francisco residence is alternately referred to by its original 1950s owner’s name, Duncan, or as Ken commonly calls it, “The Tree House. Hidden in the trees at one of the highest peaks in San Francisco, this midcentury architectural gem had been virtually untouched when Fulk purchased it and embarked on a respectful and light-handed renovation.

Leaving alone the soaring windows, the barrel-vaulted ceilings and the quirky layout, the amenities were modernized and the finishes were revitalized for a timeworn effect. Today, an otherworldly garden inspired by a Japanese hunting lodge surrounded the house. Inside, midcentury furnishings live atop antique Khotan rugs. A giant giraffe holds court over the living room. Campaign chests, deep leather sofas and favorite finds from Fulk’s travels add to the mix. Each day, through the vaulted windows, the fog drifts away to reveal an ever-changing city sparkling below. 

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